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sealed with a kiss

sealed with a kiss

also sealed with a loving kiss, SWAK or SWALK (acronym)


  • written and sent with love and care

Example Sentences

  1. When Ted and Judy were living apart in different cities, he would write a letter to her every week and all the letters would be marked with SWAK, or sealed with a kiss, as a mark of how much he loved her.
  2. His presents may be small and humble, but I cherish them because all of them are sealed with a kiss.
  3. In old times, before the age of the internet, lovers would write letters to each other, and these love letters would be sealed with a kiss.
  4. He wrote a beautiful letter to her, and, to further express his love, sealed it with a kiss.
  5. When he was away for prolonged periods on work, he would frequently write letters to her and write SWAK at the back of the envelope, to signify that it was sealed with a kiss.

The acronym of this phrase, SWAK or SWALK, was commonly written on envelopes sent by servicemen to their lovers during the World War I & II. In medieval times, contracts were were not considered legal until the signers included an X to represent Saint Andrew and would then kiss the X to prove his sincerity.

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