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on the brink of

on the brink of


  • to be on the verge of doing something
  • to be very close to a specific outcome or condition

Example Sentences

  1. The damn was on the brink of pouring over when the officials decided to open the gates and let the water out.
  2. I am on the brink of picking up the phone and informing your parents of the misdeeds that you have been up to in their absence.
  3. She was on the brink of being wheeled into the operation theatre when the doctor examined her last reports and found that the tumour had shrunk considerably.
  4. It was sad to see him being removed from the board of directors of a company that he created, especially when he was on the brink of taking it to the next level.
  5. Understandably he was annoyed when he was stopped on the brink of entering the gates by his best friend.
  6. They were on the brink of getting married when she found out that he had similarly conned many other women.
  7. My daughter is on the brink of getting her admission call to the Harvard University.
  8. The company dismissed the reports that it was on the brink of selling its share.


The phrase is speculated to have originated in medieval English in the 17th century.

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