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hive of activity

hive of activity


  • A very busy place.
  • Somewhere where there are lots of activities taking place at the same time.
  • A hive of activity refers to many activities happening at the same time but which is organized in nature, like a hive. Which is constantly buzzing and active but every bee has its specific job.
  • A non-chaotic activity hub.
  • A place where people put in a lot of hard work.

Example Sentences

  1. The restaurant on this weekend will be a hive of activities.
  2. She changes her home to a summer spa every year at the time of the vacations. It is always a hive of activities at such times.
  3. His factory is an absolute sight! It is a hive of activities and everyone seems to know exactly what they have to do.
  4. I love coming to the railway stations because it is such a hive of activities out here.
  5. A successful wedding always looks like a hive of activities before it commences.
  6. The police station was a hive of activities when they had finally been able to trace the goon down.
  7. The completion of the project took a hive of activities to be performed.

The origin of this phrase is not available.

Buzzing with activity.

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