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bright spark

bright spark
Meaning: intelligent and lively person (humorously).
Example: Some bright spark at the Axis Bank has accidentally closed my current account.

I am unsure about the meaning and example of this idiom, if reader can put some light on this idiom it, help will be highly appreciated.

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  • Expression:David Hamilton Smith writes on 15 October, 2016

    I remember my late grandfather, [who was an engineer] showing me how to tell the different grades of ferrous metals by holding them to a grinding wheel. Soft iron would produce a dull orange spark, mild steel a slightly whiter forked spark and the ‘Bright spark’ would be produced by silver steel, or ‘tool steel’. Also worth noting that tool steel would produce the sharpest tools.
    I’m not sure if this was the actual origin of the term, but it’s certainly plausible.

  • Expression:Devang Solanki writes on 10 October, 2015

    ( ironic ) a clever person; a person with a bright idea
    ⇒ ■ ‘Why not give out one of the cybercafe’s e-
    mail addresses?’ suggested one bright spark. , ⇒
    ■ Some bright spark turned the heating off last
    bright spark
    ► Definitions
    ( British, usually ironic ) a person who appears clever
    or witty ⇒ ■ some bright spark left the papers
    next to the open window

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