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a bed of roses

a bed of roses
Meaning: easy option, a comfortable or luxurious position.
Example: She found that taking care of old parents was not a bed of roses.

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  • Expression:Praveen Kumar Reddy writes on 20 January, 2017

    Whenever we take a bold decisions, whether it is comes a bed of roses or not.

  • Expression:Arshdeep writes on 23 November, 2016

    Life with parents is bed of roses.

  • Expression:Hannah writes on 24 August, 2016

    Love is a bed of roses.

  • Expression:Archana Kapoor writes on 5 March, 2016

    One of my fav idioms! :-)

    Cheers, Archana

  • Expression:Shahid King writes on 20 February, 2016

    life is not a bed of roses

  • Expression:Kingbelton writes on 7 December, 2015

    i do to its great

  • Expression:Ankit Yadav writes on 4 December, 2015

    Happy position

  • Expression:Shobhna writes on 30 November, 2015

    Don’t run away from your problems, life is not always the bed of roses

    • Expression:Dhairya writes on 20 March, 2016

      Good, I love to read about this cute idiom.

  • Expression:sekhothoi writes on 23 June, 2015

    Woww…..i like your definition.

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